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Are you interested in preparing your home for communication wiring, specifically internet cable wiring? If so, you need a team that specializes in TV cable installation and more. That’s where we come in. Offering a wide selection of electrical remodeling services for homes, businesses, and rental properties, our team wants to help you make your home the safe, functional place you’ve always dreamed it would be. Why wait another day? Get the services you need now.

How Cable Internet Works

Internet cable wiring may sound complicated, but it’s a very simple system. Designed to run off the same network as cable television, cable or broadband internet is much faster and more reliable than dial-up internet, and is always turned on and ready to go, just so long as the cable is connected to the modem. Here are a few things to know about the function of cable internet:

  • Fiber is considered a green technology because it consumes minimal internet compared to other connections.
  • Fiber is sustainable since it’s made from Silicon Dioxide, which is the second-most abundant element on earth, after Oxygen.
  • Fiber optic connections use light, meaning there is virtually no electrical signal passed through the cable itself.

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